Family Empowerment NOW
Family Empowerment NOW

Your network for finding HOPE

Helping Families Control the Chaos of Mental Illness, Complex Medical and Behavioral Health Issues

Why We're Here

This is a network for people who are looking to control the chaos brought about by mental illness. We are here to give each other HOPE, something that far too often feels like a luxury we can't entertain. This is not "just another support group," though you will certainly find support within this private platform where you can have open and honest discussions with others on the same journey. 

Here you will find a network of understanding people and professionals you can count on and who will never judge you. 

You will find resources and courses that provide invaluable information to empower yourself to make mental health wellness choices for your family. You will have access to "Ask Me Anything" with opportunities for candid interactions with our experts.

You will be provided with real actions you can take to get your time and sanity back. The journey we invite you on is yours to take when you feel ready. This will be about empowering YOU to find your courage to advocate for your loved one, keep on your path and light the way for your family.

We look forward to seeing you inside!

About Our Founder

Michael Mackniak helps families who have a loved one affected by mental illness take control of the chaos they are faced with so that they can reduce their fear, anxiety and so they can sleep better at night. 

For over 25 years he has seen pain, anguish and despair tied to mental illness all across the United States. He has met thousands of people who are doing their best at providing for their loved one but are still feeling like they are failing. 

Michael's goal is to be sure you know that you are not failing. Dealing with the challenges presented by mental illness is extremely demanding for everyone. Unfortunately, in many situations, these challenges and feelings of failure cause people to lose the most valuable asset they have in the battle against mental illness... HOPE. That is why he has created this powerful platform of sharing information, insight, and support.

Why You Should Join

Here you will find a group of people who are going through the same journey as you. You will find videos, courses, articles, interviews, and loads of content that will help you to be empowered to navigate the road that mental illness has put you and your family on.

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